NCAA Trophy……check!!!!! :)

IMG_5536We did it!!!  We brought home our FIRST NCAA Championship trophy for 4th place at the National Championship!!!!  It was quite a journey this past season–and we are so THANKFUL for all the GREAT support from our families and friends!!!  Thank you to everyone who has given us so much!!! We felt that “15th club” from afar while we were in Miramar Beach, Florida in May!!!!  Thank you!!!  Thank you!!!

As many of you may have noticed, “blogging” has been replaced by Facebook!!  It’s a quicker way to get photo’s out and info out to everyone!  Although I love to blog, my schedule gets so packed, I run out of time!!  I’m so sorry!  I will continue to try to put a cool picture up from time to time, but in the meantime–please “like” our page on Facebook:  AND you won’t miss any of the action!!!!

Our journey starts up again shortly and we look forward to a new year full of new and exciting experiences!!!  We keep learning and growing as a team, and most importantly understanding that Golf is truly a game that never stops teaching!!!!  Thanks again and GO BRUINS!!!!!


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