A Tournament Record AND a Visit to a Castle!!

Team with “Charlie!”

We took our first trip to play in a D-II tournament in Santa Rosa Calif a few weeks ago!!!  It was a great event—lots of tough competition, and our team played really well!!!  We finished 10th as a team which was pretty solid for our first time in this event and on a very difficult golf course (Santa Rosa Country Club) that was playing really long!!!!

Adding total excitement on the final day—our own Abby Mann fired a tournament one-day scoring record and tied a course record with a 69!!!  Her round included an eagle (hitting it in from 75 yards on a par 5) and 4 birdies!!!!  She was definitely on fire—and ended up finishing 3rd overall in the tournament!!

Other teams definitely took notice of us—and it wasn’t just because of our neon pullovers!!  We made a statement with our performance on the course, and a comment was made from another player, that “we were a really good team!”  That was a nice compliment!!!  Hopefully—we’ll be invited back to this event next year and make even more of a statement!!!

Oh—and did I mention the Tuscan castle that we got to visit??  After playing on the first day, we had a little time to drive over and see a 13th century replica of a Tuscan castle!! It was unbelievable experience for all of us!!!  We were there at the end of the day, and basically the last people around—so it felt like it was “our castle” too!!  We almost spent the night!  🙂

Check out all the pics!!!!  Go Bruins!!

P.S.  Charles Schultz (creator of Peanuts comic strip) was from Santa Rosa–that’s why lots of pics with “Peanuts” characters!!!!! 🙂

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