Serve Day 2012!!!

GF Women’s Golf team AND GF Men’s Baseball team work together on Serve Day!!!

Our GF Women’s Golf & GF Baseball teams spent “Serve Day 2012” giving back to The Children’s Course (and the First Tee of Greater Portland area).   Serve Day is a day for the university to “give back” to the surrounding communities to show others that we care and encourage all to continue to give back whenever they can!!!  The school closes for the day in order to put “faith into action” and to go out and touch and assist those less fortunate in a variety of different ways.

After a beautiful outdoor breakfast on the lawn and some inspiration from President Robin Baker, we headed out to The Children’s Course (in Gladstone, Oregon). The Children’s Course is a non-profit organization, affiliated with the First Tee, that teaches youth life skills and character-building through the game of golf. More than 50 outreach programs are conducted each year to a variety of organizations (ie. Boys & Girls Aid Society, The Christie school, Washington School for the Blind, to name a few)

The golf course is a 9-hole, par 3 layout. It is funded by private donations from foundations, corporations and individuals. A facility unique to The Children’s Course, the Erling Jacobsen Learning Center, features a 5-hole short course for teaching, practice and play.

Our Women’s Golf team as well as three members of the baseball team took a short bus ride from the course to Clackamas where we worked with some special education kids in the morning. It was heart-warming and quite emotional to watch our students interact with these kids. It was truly a moving experience that is hard to express in words. Everyone jumped in and provided smiles all around.  Meanwhile, the men’s baseball team, Pres. Robin Baker, our head trainer, Dale Isaak and Head Baseball Coach, Marty Hunter, worked diligently at the course sprucing it up!!!  Work included sanding and seeding tee boxes on the course, trimming trees, raking, painting the clubhouse, power-washing patio’s, gutters, and anything else, cleaning vans and BBQ’s and washing windows (thank you Baseball team on that one!) 🙂

The gals also pitched in when we returned from the school as well. We all left the Children’s Course in great shape to handle the nearly 5,000 kids who participate in their programs each year!

Just an AWESOME AWESOME day AND we just got asked back again for next year!!!  The school in Clackamas where we worked with the special needs kids said that they had so much fun that they want us back!  Very very REWARDING day indeed!!!

P.S.  No time to label pics in slideshow–but I think the pics speak for themselves!!! 🙂

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