Team with new trophy!

Okay, so you probably heard the news already—but just in case—we are NORTHWEST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS for the THIRD STRAIGHT YEAR!!!!  Hooray!!!  Hooray!!!!!  We did have to “share” the crown, but a “crown” is a “crown” is a “crown” right??  We are super PROUD of our GREAT season and all that we’ve accomplished along our journey since last September!!

For the first time EVER in George Fox Women’s Golf history, we also had 4 NW ALL-CONFERENCE players, including the PLAYER OF THE YEAR!!!  Pretty darn cool!!!!  Unfortunately, we lost in the “tie-breaker for the AQ to Nationals” this past weekend, BUT we played well enough that we are still hoping to still get a bid from the NCAA to go.  It doesn’t matter how you get there right?  Just get there!!!

So—stay tuned golfing fans!!  We find out whether or not we are packing our bags for Indiana this Monday (April 30th) at around 2pm!!!  The Championship is May 8-11!!!!

Thanks for following us all season long and cheering on the team, hopefully our journey continues!!!!  (More pictures from last weekend to follow shortly too!)


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