“W” it is for Spring Classic!!!!

Team with trophies!

We all know that “W” stands for “Win” by now—but for this particular tournament, I think it might stand better for “Wow!”  In fact, we probably need TWO “W’s” for this tournament because it was the “Wow factor” in the “Wind” that got it done!!!! We had steady 20-30 mph wind blowing all day during the final round with gusts up to 40 mph, yet our team stayed calm and composed, and just marched around the course like it was a breeze!!  (haha—excuse the pun!).  It really wasn’t that easy as the other teams are tough competitors, but we held our own in very difficult conditions and cruised to victory.

Our time in Eastern Oregon (Pendleton) will definitely stand out as a memorable part of our journey this season!!!!  We enjoyed the challenging course (despite the conditions), our “Mexican fiesta” and our spacious hotel rooms the first night after a long road trip.  We then celebrated Megan’s mom’s (Wendy’s) b-day with her family and Jill’s dad (Ron) in “The Hut” for a late lunch/dinner on Saturday afternoon!  Aunt Jenny and Uncle Calvin delivered a delicious German chocolate cake from a local bakery, so that was an added treat!!  Then, the team was surprised by some nice “Easter bags” with goodies after we were done with our rounds on Sunday.  Hmm, I’m beginning to think it’s the “S-factor” that has us kicked into high gear this season—as in “serious sugar!”  🙂

We will also definitely remember the fantastic rainbow that appeared over our van at the completion of the tournament.  It was so enormous and beautiful!  It was a terrific reminder and “sign” for us on Palm Sunday that it is truly a gift to be able to play such a great sport that we love and that we are blessed in so many “wonderful” (W!) ways.

A continuous thank you to all of you who have been providing us with such amazing support!  Grammie Gloria–I almost forgot to mention a thank you to you for making us those last minute PB and J’s (and PB and honey’s) on Saturday!!!  They were perfect (sorry about the honey spilling in the bag!)–thanks so much!!!!  Thanks to Megan’s family and Jill’s dad for coming to Pendleton to cheer us on too!!  So fun having you there!!

Stay tuned for more action in Salem this coming weekend!! Will be fun to finally have a tournament in our neck of the woods!!! 🙂

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