1st in Phoenix!!!!!

Irish Record!!

Okay, so we got it done in Phoenix on St. Patrick’s day!!!  Must have been our lucky green hats (see photo!).  So, it’s one tournament—so let’s not get too excited!!!  However, it shows that “we’ve got game” and we continue to improve!!  We beat the #2 ranked team in the nation, Washington Univ at St. Louis!  Boy—are they a solid team of great players—and such nice gals too!  St. Mary’s Indiana is an awesome team as well—but unfortunately they had to leave early on the second day to make their flight, so they were unable to complete the entire 36 hole round.

All three teams participated in a fun clinic for the folks at Westbrook Village on Thursday.  It was nice to give back to our sport and have our players give out the instruction!  Now, they know how it feels to be a “coach!”  It’s a lot of work!!!  🙂

The clinic and practice round was followed by our two day tournament on Friday/Saturday!  It was an AMAZING time in the SUN!!! We felt a bit guilty as we knew it was cold back home, but then not THAT guilty when we were putting on the suntan lotion!!!! We are truly grateful for the nice break to get away—and we enjoyed every minute of it!!!  A storm blew into Phoenix on Saturday night with high winds and rain, but we were done at that point, so escaped it!  Well—not completely—as we did have a bit of a bumpy ride in the friendly skies on Sunday!!!  Our take-off was a quick vertical climb—and for a moment I thought I was stuck on a terrible Space Mountain roller coaster ride!!!!  (Roller coasters are not my thing!)  However, we leveled off and things went smoothly as we landed in beautiful Portland.  There’s no place like home!

Thanks for all the great support from family and friends!!  We appreciate all of you!  A huge THANK YOU too to my “favorite” in-laws, Al and Lola McCloskey!!  Thank you for making it so special for us!!!  Big Al–your announcing on the tee is priceless!!!  Thank you to our shuttle cart drivers too–so appreciative!!!  Of course, a HUGE thank you too to Westbrook Village Golf Club for letting us play at such a fun and beautiful golf course!!!!  It’s really a great place to tee it up!  And last but not least, thank you to Patty and Fred for your help with transporting the team!!  Someday, if we get to ride on a fire truck like our women’s basketball team, you two are definitely on board with us!!!!!

Cheers and Go Bruins!!!!

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P.S.  Photo’s from PLU tournament from a few weeks ago will be up soon!!  Sorry for delays!!!


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