Spring Season starts in California!!!!

I’m behind in my blogging!  What’s new?!?!  Haha!  Okay, so two weeks ago, our team traveled to Vallejo, CA (via Sacramento airport!) for our first spring tourney!!!  We went up against all D-II California schools (including some ranked teams), and although the competition was very tough, it was an amazing experience and opportunity for us!!  We held our own out there on a very difficult golf course!  It felt so great to play in 70+ degree weather and to shed the layers for shorts/skorts!!!  So fun!!  We knew it was going to be a great trip when we found our rental van and it said “HOT row!”

After the tournament, we went to Megan’s house in Yolo, where her parents, Mike and Wendy had an outdoor BBQ set up for us and lots of family and friends over!!  It was so nice to meet all her family and to be treated in such a special way!!!  Oh–and the potato’s—to die for!!!  We try to watch our carb intake–but those were well worth it!!! 🙂

Thank you to all the fans who came and watched–I didn’t get a picture of everyone–but Whitney’s mom was down on one day as was my brother, sister in-law and niece.  I must say–I was happy I had a new GF hat for my brother as his old GF hat was past the “vintage-looking” stage.  It was “light blue” instead of navy!!!

Check out all the photo’s!!  Go Bruins–we are off and running and spring season is finally here!!!

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