Good Times at Culturame Classic!!!!

Culturame Classic teams at The Reserve GC

We hosted the “Second Annual Culturame Classic” at the Reserve Golf Club in Aloha Oregon on Oct. 14/15.  It’s a beautiful course where Peter Jacobsen’s Fred Meyer Challenge and the Champion’s tour “Tradition” use to be played.  Lots of bunkers!!  Something like 200 of them in total!!!  It was a GREAT time for all the teams!  We had nice tee prizes and tons of snacks!!  Really fun having the opportunity to play such a fun course!  Hawaii Hilo (D-II team) won the team trophy once again.  Our team came in second!  I knew it was going to be a tough challenge playing an Hawaiian team in the city of “Aloha!”  The cards were stacked against us–what can I say!!!  We still had a lot of fun with a lot of teams from our Conference as well as some California schools, Simpson and Biola as well as NW Christian from Eugene, OR!  It made it fun to play a lot of different schools and teams together!!

Thank you to and my special friend, Debra Phillips for helping us make it happen once again!!!!!! 🙂

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  1. larry

    that was a spectacular day, chatting with coaches and bruins parents.. it was awesome i met all of them.. and of course thanks for the Godfather’s Pizza… we had a great time… thank you

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