A “W” at First Fall Season Conference Event!!!!

On the road to Pacific Inv'l

We played in our first NW Conference tournament, the Pacific Invitational, this past weekend and guess what?  We won!!!!!  Whoo hoo!! Okay–so I’m not one to brag about the team, but I do have to point out one key fact.  We had 5 players in the top 10!!!!  I know–pretty crazy indeed!!!  We are excited, but we aren’t going to get carried away (although we did carry Megan around (see photo in slideshow) after she who won the medalist title in her first NW Conference tourney!  Our goal is to keep “building and growing” as a team and see where this all takes us!!!!  So far, our sonic yellow shirts are taking us to new heights!!!  That’s for sure!!!  It’s definitely easier to spot our players around the course!!!  Our bright blue plaid hats are quite noticeable as well!  We are thinking about combining the two one of these days–so look out–you will definitely need some shades for that!!!

A HUGE thank you to all our families, alums and fans who came out to support us!!!  It was so awesome having “galleries” scattered around the course–including two of our alums—Whitney Clunes and Mandy Cameron!!!  So fun having you gals out to watch!  Lots of GREAT memories over the years at Quail–for sure!!!!  Love the “signs” that Mandy and Tim brought as well–definitely added to the excitement!!!

Okay, you can read the entire story online if you like.  It’s a good one!!!!  Bottom line is that we scored lower as a team on the second day when the conditions were tougher—that’s what made this victory truly an exciting one!!!  Stay tuned as we continue our journey up to Olympia Washington next week to play in St. Martin’s Invitational!!!  Go Bruins!!!!


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  1. larry

    Awesome Golf Ladies…. CONGRATUALTIONS!!!! KEEP IT UP

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