Season “Kick off” at Notre Dame!!!

Touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame!

We “kicked off” our 2011-’12 season in South Bend (Notre Dame!), Indiana earlier this week in the O’Brien National Invitational, playing against some of the top teams in the nation (D-III) at Notre Dame’s home golf course (The Warren Course).  Basically, nine of the ten schools participating are ranked in the top 11 in the pre-season coaches polls (including us at #11) !!  It was like a “mini Nationals” right out of the gate!!

We arrived with some nervous excitement, and a few new freshmen 🙂 but we were ready to take on the challenge after some inspiration from “Touchdown Jesus!”  The mural is stunning on Notre Dame’s library, and we had a good time taking a ton of pictures next to it as well as touring the beautiful campus!  We even found some “red suited guy” who agreed to have his picture taken with us next to the statue of Moses (see slideshow!).  Not sure exactly what that was about—but he definitely added to the “campus scene!”

Our practice session and round was a lot of fun on Saturday as more and more of the teams arrived to the course.  We arrived FIRST (always a good sign!!) and we felt good that we had a chance to get in a little “extra” work!!!

We came out  on Day One in our new “sonic yellow” Nike shirts, and showed that we were definitely the BRIGHTEST team!!!  We got noticed before we teed off, but also AFTER we finished as well!!!  We fired a 323 team score which was just 8 strokes off of first, and we were tied for fourth!!!  It was pretty thrilling—especially since 3 of our players had never played the Warren course before (except practice round), and many teams had several returning players—which makes a big difference!

On Day Two,  we hung in there and fought our hardest despite being in a different ‘zone’ than everyone else!!!  Remember, we traveled the furthest—3 times zones whereas most teams were either in their same timezone or just one timezone different.  Thus, we were hitting balls at “4:30am” West Coast time and teeing it up at “5:30am”  while most of you were probably still sleeping1!!  Haha!!!  We handled it well though and stayed consistent, shooting a team score of 326.  Another team had a really hot round, and we fell a little short of the team we were tied with, but our consistency was definitely there!  We finished in 6th place, and not that far off of first!!  It was a great start to our new season, and we showed everyone that we are not only “bright” but that we belong!!!

The experience was FANTASTIC!!!  We learned so much and we can’t wait to bring it to the next tournament in another week!   We will take what we learned and keep building.  Note:  We also learned not to follow my GPS directions to the Chicago airport as we almost missed our flight home!!!  Haha!

Stay tuned for all the excitement this year!  I’ll try my best to update the blog—although I’m already a bit behind!!   Thank you for your patience!!! This has been a hectic time getting ready for such a big trip just one week after the start of school!!!!  Also–the hardest thing was leaving two players behind!  We have two other AWESOME players on the team–that you’ll be seeing soon–Whitney and Laura!!!  Will do double the photo’s on them–as we want you to get to know our entire team!!!!!!

Check out the pics and Go Bruins!!!!

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  1. larry

    well done girls!!!! go go go bruins……

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