Victory and new record in Phoenix!!

Setting a new record!!

Wow!!!!!  What a tournament!!!  It wasn’t a big tournament, in terms of teams, but it was BIG in terms of competition!!!  We played one of the top 10 teams in the nation, St. Mary’s of Notre Dame, Indiana, as well as the College of St. Benedict’s from St. Cloud, Minnesota, who is also a strong D-III team, and we ended up on top!!!!  It was so exciting!!!!  The first day, a player from St. Mary’s tied a D-III individual scoring record, shooting a 66!!!  However, our team fought hard, and we set our own team one-day record the first day with a 308.  We were just 6 strokes behind after day one, and then we got it done by seven strokes on the second day!!!!  In fact, we tied our record again the second day (another 308!!!), and thus, set a new two-day scoring record of 616!!!  Geez, all kind of records flying—along with lots of “birdies” (get it??) and just some great golf!!

Once again, Westbrook Village along with Al and Lola McCloskey hosted the tournament and helped us make it a special event!!!  We had a clinic in the morning on Thursday and helped a lot of members and people from the community with their golf games!!  It was nice to give back to a course that has done so much for us!!!

Then, on Friday night, we had our usual dinner gathering following the round at Big Al and Lola’s!!!  The food was awesome!!!  Everyone had fun hanging out poolside and then picking fresh oranges and grapefruit off of their trees!!!  I wish we could grow orange trees in Newberg!!!!!

We want to thank all of the people who were so GREAT to us at Westbrook—especially our shuttle cart drives, Virgil, Wayne and Gayle!!!!!  You guys are ROCK STARS!!!!  Thank you for helping shuttle the girls and giving up your own games for two full days!!!  It was really appreciated!!!

Of course, thank you again to Westbrook and Mike Green for all his assistance in the planning of the event.  Mike, Dennis, Mark, etc., etc.—all of you at Westbrook are AWESOME!!!!  It’s a privilege for us to get to play there!

And last but certainly not least, thank you to Al and Lola!!!  Big Al—your announcing on the first hole makes the tournament!!!!  The girls love all your enthusiasm!!  You made everyone feel special!!!  Thank you so much!!!  Thank you for opening up your home and all that you did for us!!

Now, we are off to the Santa Cruz Invitational—for a two-day event with a lot of schools from our region, including several Texas schools.  We are slightly tired, but will rally on Monday and Tuesday!!!  It’s going to be a “climate change,” but we are ready for it!!  Weather will be cooler—but we are hoping our games stay HOT!!

Okay–please see some of the fun photo’s in this slideshow!!!



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