Hot Start opens Spring Season 2011!

Our Lady Bruins got off to a HOT start for Spring Season 2011!  The team came out the first day in our first tournament and almost broke our one-day scoring record (missed it by just 2 strokes)!!!  That’s pretty great for the first time out!!!   We were “hot” on the course both with our games and with the temperature!!  We went from 45 degrees to 85 degrees in a 2 1/2 hour plane ride, and let me tell you, that’s some serious climate change!!!  Most of us thought we had put on enough sunscreen, but apparently we were wrong!  We are talking some burnt noses, arms, legs, and not to mention a few blisters from our hot new golf shoes!!!  Haha!

So, we cooled it down a bit the second day, and cruised in at third place, just six strokes off of first, and one tiny slim stroke behind second!!!  The teams that beat us were both D-II teams, and the team who won, Western New Mexico, is ranked in the top 15 in D-II golf!!!  Basically, they are a great team, but wow, we were so close!!!!

It was exciting being back out there!!!  There was also a team from Montreal Canada (Universite de Montreal), and they spoke fluent French!!  C’est magnifique!!!  It added an “international” flavor to the event!!  We had fun seeing some of the nearby Arizona State campus, and it was fun discovering that we have some potential American Idol candidates on our team!!!  Four players (who I won’t mention by name) sang some Karaoke at Applebee’s in Tempe!!!  Yes, Applebee’s now has Karaoke!!!  It’s a secret talent that I didn’t know our team had!!!  Pretty cool!!!  I guess we can whip out some Karaoke on our opponents in the future if we need to! 🙂

Oh and another highlight was riding back early Sunday morning with Oregon State’s Men’s Basketball team.  Fun to travel with another team from Oregon (although I’m partial to the green and yellow team!)!!!

That’s your update.  More will be coming soon as we travel to our “home” event in Phoenix next week and then on to Santa Cruz!!!! We are excited to tee it up against 2 top D-III teams–including St. Mary’s of Notre Dame, Indiana!  Then, we’ll be going up against some Texas schools in our Region!  So–keep checking back for photo’s and updates!

More photo’s shortly!!!  We have some good ones, so stand by!!!! 🙂


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