NW Conference Fall Classic Champions!!!


NW Conference Fall Classic Champions!

Sorry fans, I’m a little late in posting this blog entry!  I’m sure you have heard by now that we finished the Fall Season with a BIG bang by defending our Conference Fall Classic title and walking away away with a victory!!  Repeats are fun, but this one was truly sweet!!  We came from 8 strokes behind after the 1st day to WIN by 8!!!  Then, right after we finished, it started to snow!  We definitely felt like we experienced both the fall and winter seasons while over in beautiful Central Oregon!  The first few days (including the practice round) were lovely fall days with sunshine and warm temperatures, and then a storm suddenly came in on Saturday night bringing some wet and wild weather!  It was off and on Sunday during our round, and then slowly the temperature dropped and that’s when the snow came!  But—it waited until we got the job done, so thank you Mother Nature for planning it perfectly!  A gift of snow to go with our trophy—kind of like “icing on the cake” to celebrate our victory!!!

Well, now you’re thinking that you don’t need to read the blog until our season starts back up in February, but think again!!  We have some fun things going on this winter including our Championship banner raising (from the ’09-’10 season) during a GFU home basketball game!  We don’t have the date yet—but it will probably be happening during a Conference game during the first few weeks of January!  It will be our FIRST GFU Women’s Golf Championship banner to hang in Wheeler Sports Center!  We can’t wait!

We also have our National Girls & Women’s in Sports Day (celebrating our senior student-athletes!) and our Pink Zone night coming up at the end of January as well!  So—stay tuned for more exciting fun and pictures before our spring season action starts up again in February!!

Thanks for all your great support during our exciting Fall 2010 season!!  We are looking forward to exciting times ahead in 2011!  Go Bruins!!


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