Oh Great Pumpkin Ridge!!

Culturame Classic at Pumpkin Ridge!

Second place it is at Pumpkin Ridge–and we’ll take it!  We gained some amazing experience on a difficult course against some very strong teams, including a D-II team, Univ. of Hawaii at Hilo (who ended up winning the event!).  We were close, but finished a strong second to them and ahead of another strong D-II team (St. Martin’s).

Pumpkin Ridge is the same course where the LPGA plays in August (Ghost Creek) and we have to truly thank our sponsor, Culturame.com for helping us make this event happen!!!  If you have a chance, please check out their website, as they feature beautiful “bi-lingual cards” for all occasions!  Pretty cool stuff!  All the players received Culturame notepads, a card and a hat clip/ball marker (from Pumpkin Ridge) all thanks to our sponsor!!  We are so grateful!  Thank you Culturame and Ms. Debra Phillips for making it happen!

What a weekend too!!!  OMG–the weather could not have been nicer in the Pacific Northwest in October!  It was amazing–splashes of fall colors everywhere, created a stunning setting in October at Pumpkin Ridge!  Is that appropriate for this month or what?!?  Our team even wanted to stop at a corn maze on the way to the tournament, but I didn’t want them to get lost, and not make it for their tee times!!  haha!

Our team continues to work hard and improve, and now we have our end of fall season, NW Conference Fall Classic Championship this weekend in Bend!  We are prepared and ready for a great time in Central Oregon!  The forecast is showing that the temperatures are going to get chilly—so bring your hand warmers and get ready to cheer!!  Our Lady Bruins are ready to go!



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