Fantastic Finish at Notre Dame!

We started out a little slow in just our second tournament of the season at Notre Dame (O’Brien Invitational), BUT came through with a serious charge on the second day to get noticed!!!   Maybe it was the fact that we were teeing off at 8am (5am Pacific time!), so we were basically on the range at 4am our time–and in the “zone” if you know what I mean!  Maybe it was our cool new black hats that helped us get going for the second round? Whatever the case, we showed the other teams that we mean business when we get into our stride!  Our team score the second day was the THIRD best score of the day!!!  We were only 3 strokes off the #1 team—Methodist!  Unfortunately, we were a little ways from catching them after the first round, but if we can get in that “zone” a little sooner—watch out!! Looks like I’ll be waking up the team early from here on out!  🙂

As for the experience, in a word: “TREMENDOUS!”  It really was an awesome experience for our players, and after only two weeks of practice and one tournament round, we feel like we gained so much experience that we can take with us into the season!  Truly a “win-win” situation all around!

We now know what it’s going to take this season to climb to the top, so we are motivated!  It’s obvious that this team has some amazing talent–and we’ve only just begun our journey this season!  Oh, did I mention that we came in “SECOND PLACE” in most birdies at this tournament?  Just one birdie off FIRST!!  Birdies were hard to come by–and our team picked up SIXTEEN of them over the two days!

Plus, on top of all the great golf, we had a wonderful time visiting the beautiful campus of Notre Dame!  It was a thrill to get to see all the wonderful sites, including a chance to stop by the Sacred Heart Basilica on Sunday morning and the wonderful outdoor Grotto.  What a memorable trip and a special treat for our team that has worked so hard!!!

Onward we go!  We have some momentum, so we are ready to get back into it!!!  Stand by for more excitement as our season continues!!  Go Lady Bruins!  As usual–some more great photo’s to follow!  Keep checking back and thank you for your patience!!


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