2010 NW Conference Spring Classic Champions with 2010 Master’s Champion!

2010 NWC Spring Classic Champions with 2010 Master's Champion!

So, this photo seemed appropriate after Master’s weekend and our NW Conference Spring Classic concluded at the same time last Sunday with both of us (Phil and GFU women) finishing with victories!!  A pretty cool weekend all around!! We were thrilled with our “come from behind” win as the course (Apple Tree Resort in Yakima, WA) has been a challenging one for our team in the past!  We were excited that “our friend” Phil got it done as well at Augusta!

We ran into Phil when we were in San Francisco last October for a tournament.  Of course, he insisted on having his picture taken with us!!  🙂  He was really nice and seemed genuinely interested in hearing how our team was doing.  It was great fun!  Then, what made it even more special was that we saw him the next day at the President’s Cup, and he gave his ball to one of our players (Kelsey) as he was heading to the next tee, and the Golf Channel showed that clip during their broadcast!!  Talk about thrilling!!

The excitement definitely continues with this team as we continue to make history!  This is the first time that our George Fox Women have won the NWC Spring Classic, and coming from third place to win made the victory even more special!!  We have set a lot of records this year, and I keep wondering, “What’s next?”   I know it’s not going to be like this forever, but it’s definitely been a phenomenal year, and I have this feeling that there is still more in store for us, so better stay tuned!  Photo’s to follow shortly!


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