A Win in Washington and a tie for 10th in National Ranking!

Hanging out at Tumwater Golf Course!

Once again, I’m late with my blog, but hey, it’s hard to keep up with all the action that’s happening on (and off!) the golf course these days!!!  Last weekend, we won the PLU/Tacoma Invitational, and then a few days later, our ranking moved from 15th to a tie for 10th in the nation, and then we heard from NCAA.com that they wanted to do a story on us!!!  Whoa!!  Slow down!  We are just a small collegiate women’s golf team from Newberg, Oregon having a good time!!!  What’s all the fuss about?

In fact, when we were in Phoenix a few weeks ago, most people asked us where we were from and where “Newberg Oregon” was located!!!  Seriously!  So, the coolest thing about being ranked is that we are helping to put ourselves and our NW Conference “on the map!”  You know what I mean?  More than anything, it’s fun to be on the national radar screen as our team and Conference have some great players, and the Pacific NW is a long ways from the East Coast scene and Florida!!!!  Our girls here have worked hard, and they deserve some notice, don’t you think?!!!

The Tacoma/Tumwater tournament was pretty fun—we had 5 players in the top 4 (with ties) and all 6 of our players in the top 8!!!  All and all, we feel like momentum is on our side, so I hope we can continue it as we head down the stretch of our spring season!!  Just three weeks to go….so stay tuned for some more exciting golf action.  Really, I never know what’s next or where we are going to go with this team—but I do know that this women’s golf team from Newberg Oregon is on the move, so look out world!!



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