A victory by “four” strokes!

Victory in Phoenix!

Wow—what a tournament in sunny AZ!!  I am still recovering from the WILD ride we took on the second day of play (and I’m not talking about in golf carts!)! We had a 10 stroke lead over the second place team (Amherst College) going into the final round, and I don’t know if it was something that our team ate for breakfast or what, but most of our team got off to a rather slow start on the front nine.  No big numbers or anything, just some bogey’s while the other team had some players on a steady streak of par’s.  I could tell going into the back nine, our lead had been significantly narrowed.  I didn’t know by how much exactly at the time, but I knew it was very close and every shot was going to count  (I found out later that we were up by only 1 stroke after 27 holes).

I had to dig down deep with some serious mental golf tips on the back nine to do whatever I could to charge up the team!!  I definitely needed them to play like they were down instead of having a lead.  It seemed to work!  When, Mandy hit the flagstick on #11 from over 150 yards and yelled, “Go in!” I knew that was a good sign!  Then, Bri flashed me the “I got this” smile, so I was able to breathe a little better, but not much.  The gals were playing their hearts out (as were all the players), and it was clear that it would probably get down to the difficult final par 5, 18th hole!! The team responded, showed their composure under pressure and posted a one-under par team score on #18, which helped us clinch the victory!!

This was the first time our women’s golf program has gone up against a top-10 nationally ranked team who has also been a top contender at Nationals for a very long time (including winning the Championship in the ‘90’s!).  Amherst is a tough team, and we have to give them a lot of credit for their great play.  They came through big time the second day—and we were just able to edge past them!  Isn’t it amazing after 36 holes of golf and 635 strokes for our team that only 4 strokes separated us?

So, we’ll take the “W!” (for the “WIN” and the “WILD” ride!).  This team is on the move—and we will continue our exciting ride in Tumwater Washington this weekend!  So stay tuned!

Special note:  You can now also follow us on Facebook!  Become a fan of “George Fox Women’s Golf Team!”  Go Lady Bruins!



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