Honoring our “Senior Gals” plus Pink Zone!

Whitney and Sarah

Our two seniors (Whitney and Sarah) were honored in a recognition ceremony on Friday night (Feb. 5) for  National Girls & Women in Sports Day, a celebration that takes place at schools across the nation to recognize girls and young women for the contribution in sports. Twenty senior women athletes from GFU received medals in a ceremony during half-time of the men’s basketball game.  President Robin Baker gave a little talk and former GFU alum and Portland General Electric CEO, Peggy Fowler, was also on hand to say a few words to the girls.  Also helping with the ceremony were sponsors, John KereKanich (Newberg Ford) and Rick McCloskey (Technocom).

Getting the cupcakes ready!

Following the ceremony, there was nice reception for all the senior women upstairs in the Sports Complex and the variety of mini cupcakes were definitely a huge hit!! Seems like you can eat several and not feel like it’s too many calories at once!! Funny how that works! 🙂

Whitney will be graduating in May, and Sarah will have one more semester in the fall, and will graduate in December.  Both young women have played key roles on the team, and it’s going to be difficult to see them go!  😦  However, we know they will always be a part of our alumni support system!

Pink Zone and more!

The same evening, our entire team helped out with “Pink Zone,” a breast cancer awareness campaign which is a “global effort” sponsored by the  Women’s Basketball Coaches Assoc. (WBCA).  Over 1,300 schools nationally take part in this effort over the first three weeks of February to build breast cancer awareness as well as raise money for breast cancer research.  Last year, over $1 million was raised nationally.

George Fox is one of the schools that participates and gets in “the pink” for one night to support the cause.  The golf team gals were on hand to help give out tickets for a “ladies” only raffle which included giving out “pink zone” t-shirts to women and girls who came to the women’s and men’s basketball games.  They also helped with a half-time contest–mainly for women–or those “wearing pink!”

Kelsey and Jill are lovin’ the pink!! (see below)

Kelsey and Jill

The exact figure for the money raised on Friday night at George Fox is not in yet–but it’s over $500!  Congratulations to our seniors, Whitney and Sarah, for all their hard work!!! Also, congrats to our entire  team and their efforts to help this great Pink Zone cause!

More photo’s to follow shortly!!


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