Power Play!

GFU women golfers with PGE Executives!

On Thursday afternoon, the Lady Bruin golfers traveled to downtown Portland to the executive offices of Portland General Electric (PGE) in the World Trade Center to meet with executive leaders, including George Fox alum and retired CEO and current Board Member, Peggy Fowler!!  Upon arrival, we were greeted by Peggy and Terri Peschika, who manages the trading floor.  After being cleared by top security, we had the opportunity to view the trading floor area and learn about “power trading!”  Terri made “power trading” and her job sound very exciting, and we were all ready to “sign up” until we watched some of the action!  The traders were negotiating the best power plays for their customers and apparently they have to be ready to switch gears at a moment’s notice!!  Their giant computer screens display more graphs and charts than most math professors entire power point presentations!  Intense, but then not that much different from trying to make a 3-footer for par on the last hole!  Hmm, maybe we are ready for the “power play” scene after all?!  🙂

Following the trading floor, we went over to another building, and up to their “Executive Board Room” where we were greeted by a group of top executives, including current CEO, Jim Piro, five top executive women as well as Peggy.  We quietly took our seats around an enormous Board Room table, and then one by one, we all introduced ourselves to one another.  Barb, Maria, Sania, Cheryl, Loretta, Peggy and Jim all have quite the resume’s, but the best part is that they all are passionate about what they do!

Then, we had a question-answer session, and it was really a great learning experience!!  Who needs a classroom when you have a “Board Room” with top leaders like these!  Wow!  Each of these executives offered their advice from networking, finding job opportunities, interviewing, marketing yourself after college, etc., etc.   So many notes and so little time!  I looked around the table and noticed that all our gals were listening intently, and taking notes like crazy, and I smiled to myself.  Our team is not only great on the course, but they are getting it “off the course” as well.  Very fun to see!

We finished up a little after 5pm, and then we were treated to some delicious cookies that were sitting in front of Kelsey, Sarah and I for the entire meeting!  I think it was a trick to see if we could resist during an important discussion, and we passed–but it was tough!

Then, we took a few photo’s and we were off to join Bri (who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the meeting) for pizza, along with Bob (Peggy’s husband), and Rick (our Equip. Mgr who happens to be my husband as well)!  Jill couldn’t make it either as both Bri and Jill had class conflicts, but hopefully they’ll get some “one on one” time with Peggy in the future, so they will be brought up to speed!

The pizza was just what we needed after the cookies!!! 🙂  Thank you Peggy and our new PGE Executive friends for providing us with a memorable day and invaluable insight!!!  We left feeling appreciative and ready to start our spring season with full ENERGY!  You might want to call it a “power play!”



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