It all started with a cable car ride!

Our Florida friends, Anne & Rob Cink!

Our Florida friends, Anne & Rob Cink!

All I can say is, “wow, what a night!” After practicing at Santa Clara Golf & Tennis club, we headed into the city for dinner at Pier 39 with good friends, Anne & Rob Cink. We had a fun dinner with the Cinks, and the girls enjoyed hearing their “tour stories” (their son is Stewart) as well as what it takes to be a great golfer. We could have stayed the night listening to all the great stories.

As we were saying good-bye and taking a few photo’s by a “fake” cable car, before heading to our hotel, we had the idea to ride with the Cink’s up to their hotel on Nob Hill. That way the girls could take a cable car ride down as several gals had never been to San Fran! Our sole purpose was to do the cable car ride, and nothing else!

When we arrived at the Fairmont hotel, we found a lot of security, and Anne informed us that the “Pres. Cup” team was staying there, but that “we wouldn’t see anybody.” Our team was excited as you could feel the energy in the lobby and the “scene” seemed like a Hollywood movie set with only very well-dressed people milling around the lobby area with beautiful marble pieces, ornate furnishings, incredible crystal chandeliers and gold-glazed touches around the walls and ceiling.  We definitely didn’t quite fit the “scene” with our golf attire and white GF wind jackets!! 🙂 Sarah took about 100 photo’s of the ceiling alone, and then we then headed over to the elevators to get down to the street level to catch our ride back.

As we were innocently waiting and saying our “good-bye’s,” we suddenly spotted Stewart walking toward us! We couldn’t believe it! Next thing we knew, we were chatting with Stewart and then having our picture taken with him and his partner in the Pres. Cup, Lucas Glover! Can you believe it? A photo with the 2009 British Open champ AND 2009 US Open champ–does it get any better than that?!?!

Then, as if by magic, Michael Jordan popped up behind Stewart, and let’s just say, what a surprise!! “MJ” didn’t ask to have his photo taken with us–but he was “right there!” Right there in front of us–maybe 4 feet away–at the most!! I had my camera in my hand, but I think it was frozen! We were also talking to Stewart at the time, and hey, the British Open Champ had some great mental golf tips for us, so we couldn’t let “MJ” steal the show!

So, now we are all happy and a bit “giddy” (I must admit!), and once again starting to leave, when one of my all-time favorite players  (besides Stewart!) appears behind me. I didn’t see him, but the team did, and they were motioning at me that “yes, that’s right, the captain of the Pres. Cup team Freddie Couples had strolled into my territory!!” Yikes, Freddie is standing behind me, and I can’t turn around! Haha!

Now, we are thinking, we have seen it all, when Bri’s eyes suddenly widen with shock, and I’m wondering to myself, “Do I dare turn around?”  Yep, it’s Lefty himself, Phil Mickelson, and he stops and he’s right there talking to the team!!! Once again, I’m a bit frozen thinking, “Phil Mickelson is taking the time to talk to my team? This is crazy!” He was asking them where they were playing, what tournament they were playing in, etc. Not a big deal, right?  So, another pic with Phil, and the gold on the ceiling is definitely starting to spin.

We regain consciousness, and decide that we had better leave before Adam or Tiger walk in, and the entire team loses it!! For safe measure though, we snap one last photo with Anthony Kim who was casually walking by after a work out! He was a little hesitant to have his picture taken just after working out, but he agreed to go for it! Why not?

Wow–what a night indeed! Hey Anne, you said, “we wouldn’t see anybody?!” Haha!! We left the hotel without really needing a cable car ride. I think we floated down to Fisherman’s wharf!



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2 responses to “It all started with a cable car ride!

  1. Anne Cink

    How Funnnnn!!!!!! I love the pictures – sent the story to a lot of my friends – they all wrote back and commented on how cute all of you are! They can’t pick out the “coach”. Ha! You can pass for a nineteen year old. Too bad we didn’t get Rick in any pics. But, then, he had his “quiet time”! I’m sure he enjoyed it. Lol! travelling with all you girls – he is a saint!

  2. swtgeorgiabrwn

    Actually I am Betsy Brown, Anne’s sister. Wow what a night you did have! I am sure that the pros were as delighted to meet all of you as you were to meet all of them. They are really nice fellows (Especially Stewart) !!

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