Four = Fourth!

A peaceful 4th in the wind!

A peaceful 4th in the wind!

We gave it our best shot, but the wind seemed to get the best of us on Day 1 at Apple Tree Resort in Yakima Washington and our Conference Championship last weekend! With wind gusts at 30 mph, and playing a little later in the day than 3 of the other teams, we struggled on a few of the holes where accuracy off the tee was critical.  We hung in there on Day 2 though and fought hard for a 4th place finish (out of nine teams). Of course, we wanted a first place victory, but coming in fourth with only four players is a GREAT accomplishment for our young players. We had no scores to throw out like the other top teams, so all the players knew that the pressure was on them. We had two players finish in the top 10 individually, which is a new achievement for our program! With all four back next season PLUS some additional recruits, look out below! We know what we need to do–we learned from this experience and we will go after it–in a “peaceful” manner of course!

Check out all the photo’s from our trip to Apple Tree!


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