A Test of Toughness…”Second” in Santa Cruz!

18th hole at Pasatiempo!

18th hole at Pasatiempo!

After finishing up in Phoenix, we took off Sunday morning for the Santa Cruz Invitational at Pasatiempo Golf Club in Santa Cruz, California.  If you haven’t heard about Pasatiempo, it’s one of the top public courses in the U.S., and it was designed by Alistar McKenzie, who also designed Augusta National and Cypress Point!  It’s an amazing course, and the moment we drove in and saw the gigantic bunkers and greens welcoming us, the excitement level picked up a notch!  For a golfer, Pasatiempo is an experience of a lifetime! It takes a lot of patience and mental strategy to tackle a course like Pasatiempo!

Our team stood up well to the challenge, and although host Santa Cruz took home the first place trophy on their home course, we were pleased with second place!  Are we seeing a pattern here???  🙂  We  believe that if we could play the course a few more times, we’d have it figured out too!! 🙂  We had a wonderful time and experience, and we hope to get back there again next year.  LPGA hall of famer, Juli Inkster, who grew up playing Pasatiempo says, “if you can play Pasatiempo, you can play anywhere!”

After the tournament, we headed for more excitement at the Monterey Peninsula!  Info to follow!



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